Bird Droppings 3.0 (FEMS)

Bird Droppings 3.0 (FEMS)

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all! Packs of Bird Droppings contain an unknown mix of feminized Autoflower seeds for those who like to risk the biscuit. Sometimes fledglings fall out of the nest during production. Great for those just starting out on Autos in addition to being a fun switch up from the norm for vets alike!

Contains 10+ Feminized Autoflower Bird Seeds

Bird Droppings may include any of the listed varietals:
- Gouduh F2 (Multiple Phenos)
- Gouduh S1 (Breeder stock)
- Gamma Cheeze (Bruce Banner 3 x Gouduh)
- Gouchime Ziwi (El Chemi Kiwi x Gouduh)
- Redline (Niteblood x Gouduh)
- Moon Walk (Voidwalker x Gouduh)
- Planter’s Punch (Passion Punch x Gouduh)
- Bubblez (Zweet Gum Twee x Gouduh)
- Humminbird’s Cookies (Stony's Strawberries x Gouduh)
- Strawgoo (Strawberry Milk & Qookies x Gouduh)
- Falco (Star Fox x Gouduh)
- Peach Atoll (Beach Peach x Gouduh)
- Frozen Yogurt Princess (Queen's Banner x Gouduh)

*Bird Droppings seeds are not individually labelled*


Gouduh F2
Gamma Cheeze
Gouchime Ziwi
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